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Reliable and Proven Structural Engineering Service

We provide a wide range of services, from structural design to on-site supervision. Utilizing our extensive experience and technological capabilities, we handle technical innovation issues and problems in the construction field, and meet all needs of our customers.

The following is the list of the structural design and consulting services that we offer.

Structural Design and Supervison

With more than 50 years of experience, we are capable of providing our customer with a safe and secure construction.

Seismic Evaluation / Retrofit

We conduct accurate tests on seismic evaluation, and offer sufficient retrofit design.

Base Isolation

With our high technological capabilities for base isolation, we design structures of great durability and value.

Response Control

Utilizing our high technological capabilities for sway control, we design structures of great durability and value. We also specialize in obtaining approval for new sway control devices.

Wind Farm

We are the only structural design firm that supports obtaining the Ministry approval for wind turbine support structures and foundations.

Container Housing

We provide our customer with a full support for obtaining the Ministry approval.

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