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Best Reform Category, the 14th BELCA Award, 2005

KKE won the BELCA award in the Best Reform category for our design work for the Main Dining Hall Rikkyo Gakuin University.

Outside appearance of Rikkyo Gakuin University Main Dining Hall

Facade of Rikkyo Gakuin University Main Dining Hall

The brick building of the Main Dining Hall has been in use since the campus was relocated to Ikebukuro district in Tokyo in 1918, and is now designated as one of the historical buildings in Tokyo. Therefore, our challenge was to implement seismic retrofit devices without harming the historic appearance of this building. For instance, we added rigid Reinforced Concrete structure to the kitchen wing in the back to support the entire building against seismic energy. As for the retrofit of the dining hall wing, thin steel frame such as high tensioned tie-bar and flat bars are used so as not to compromise the original finish of the building.

In their official comment, a member of the selection said, "This project exemplified the reform work that went beyond a mere preservation of a building. Here, the building's original form was faithfully reproduced, and its functionality was restored to meet today's standards."

KKE has an extensive experience in the preservation of historical structures. We worked on design for the abounded castle, Odawara Castle in Kumamoto for example and retrofit of the former "Biwako Hotel". Utilizing our high design capabilities, we will continuously contribute to the conservation of historical structures.

For more details, please see the "Retrofit Design" pages.

Note: The BELCA Award, Best Reform Category is ・・・

An award program for existing building, conducted by the Building and Equipment Long-life Cycle Association (BELCA). Its purpose is to encourage the long term usage of buildings and honor those who contributed to it. It recognizes buildings that received the most adequate conservation and retrofit. The Award has the Long-life category and Best Reform category. The Best Reform category that KKE has won honors reinforced buildings that received innovative revitalization works, after more than a year the renovation was completed.

The Building and Equipment Long-life Cycle Association://www.belca.or.jp/

News Release

February 10th, 2005
KKE Received Retrofit Design Structure Awarded at the 14th BELCA Award Contest (PDF, 32KB)

Blind Analysis Contest on E-Defense, 2009

KKE participated in the 2009 Blind Analysis Contest of an E-Defense shaking table test on steel frame building with damper which was held by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention. The purpose of the contest was to evaluate how well modern engineering analysis can simulate actual behaviors. Participants competed over predicting the responses before and after the test, and the team with closest predictions to the test results was awarded. Our members from Structural Design department and Analysis department participated as a team, and won the award as the finest team in the two categories out of four.

Steel frame building shown in the contest

Steel frame building shown in the contest

KKE used its in-house developed general purpose seismic analysis program RESP-F3T and had proven the reliability of the software and their engineering skills.

More about the Contest: //www.blind-analysis.jp/2008/index_e.html

Results of the Contest: //www.blind-analysis.jp/2008/kekka/2009BA_e.pdf

During the contest, our members tackled how to enhance the accuracy of the building model, especially the damper part. Details of the analysis methods were presented at the 7th International Conference on Urban Earthquake Engineering (March, 2010), held by the Center for Urban Earthquake Engineering.

News Release

December 10th, 2009
Chosen as the Most Outstanding Analysis Team in Two Categories at the Blind Analysis Contest ~52 Competitors from 8 Countries Competing Analytical Accuracy over 4 Categories on Testing and Analyzing a Full-scale 5-story Steel Building~ (PDF,224KB)

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