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Dear Future Members

We have just started our recruiting fairs for university students and graduate students from the class of 2018. This year is my 17th anniversary of conducting presentations on recruiting newly graduates since 2000. Among many qualified applicants, 85% of students actually showed up at the very first company introduction. During the two-hour presentation, I took the latter part of the introduction and shared with them a mindset of how to utilize and enrich their lives at engineering consulting firms such as KKE. Don't be concerned about the initial salary, brand name of large-scale corporations or their illusion of eternal stability. Focus more on the corporate DNA, which your future colleagues will be sharing with you at your future workspace. Visions and missions are more important than financial scores.
The very first recruiting fair this year was right after my business trip to Thailand. Although I was physically exhausted after the trip, I was delighted by the enthusiasm of the students, and decided to take an extra 45-minute question-and-answer session with the attendees after the presentation.
Here are just some of the questions from the session which I would like to share with you.

Q. What type of people do you think have the potential to improve themselves?
A. I think those who are aware of their ignorance do. You cannot expect any improvements unless you are aware of your ignorance, and it is dangerous if you overestimate yourself as a fully fledged engineer and act on your own. It is significant to simply ask your colleagues or just go and visit the experts in the field if there is something you’re not sure about. Report, share and consult with others: This will help you grow.

Q. Who has influenced you the most in your life?
A. To name a few in history, there are Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, and Winston Churchill. In business, the duo of Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa and the founder of the door-to-door delivery service, Masao Ogura, inspired me. Tadashi Saegusa, the director of Misumi Group Inc., is also one of the active managers I look up to.

Q. Is it true that you can pursue what you want to achieve at KKE?
A. I would say there are fewer barriers to launch a new business at KKE compared with large corporations. In order to do so, it is necessary to have the skill to involve others, to have them acknowledge your goal and motivate them to have expectations for your success. In KKE, there are opportunities where anyone can propose new business ideas to the company. You may leverage these chances, but it is essential to lure others to your idea and to collaboratively work with them.

Report on KKE Vision 2016
-Sharing the latest technologies with some 1000 visitors-

In October and November 2016, our good partners, renowned professors and researchers made their presentations in Tokyo and Fukuoka for KKE Vision, our annual conference to explore emerging technologies and innovations.

KKE sets its Thought: “Innovating for a Wise Future”, as the key message for KKE Vision 2016 and organized to demonstrate a more specific “future society full of wisdom”.

Keywords for the 2016 presentations included IoT, automated driving, disaster risk reduction, management of organizational accidents, timber buildings, assistive technology, and seismically isolated structure.
You can read the six inspirational presentations that we selected in our booklet “KKE Vision 2016 Technical Report”.

More than a thousand guests registered for KKE Vision 2016 Tokyo.

Keynote speech in Fukuoka made by Prof. Kazuyuki Aihara. The conference took place for the first time in Fukuoka, and closed with great success.

At the venue, KKE’s latest products and technologies were showcased relative to the keywords, and visitors were able to experience interactive exhibitions. We showcased the GPS/GNSS signal simulator, NavVis Indoor Digitalizing Platform, 3D printed shoes, latest IoT solutions for indoor space, the XFdtd antenna and many others.

One of the most inspiring projects was the combination of the “Jishin The Vuton” (an earthquake simulator from Hakusan Corporation) and HTCVive (a VR device). We reproduced a virtual experience of realistic indoor damage due to an earthquake, such as how furniture overturns or moves as a room shakes. Visitors could choose from three well-known earthquakes in Japan, and experience the contrast of a super high-rise building with two different seismic structures, one with earthquake-resistance and another with seismic isolation.

Our Structural Engineering Department performed the earthquake response analysis and the resulting data was used to reproduce ground motions with “Jishin The Vuton”. The data was also used to create the virtual 3D model for the furniture overturning simulation. Our Sustainable Solutions Department generated the sound, texture and lighting that made the VR more realistic. This project has gained the interest of many of the visitors, and also an interview was broadcast on a local news program in Fukuoka.

You can find out about each presentations and details on the exhibitions in the booklet “KKE Vision 2016 Technical Report”. We hope to share the atmosphere with you, too.

Business Report “KKE:PRESS 2016”

Here is a summary of our business for FY2015 (from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016). President Hattori refers to the business results and the approaches taken by KKE for the term, and its future growth strategies.

Details are available in English here.

Overseas Recruitment 2017

KKE’s motto is to keep innovating for a wise future. Of all the factors, diversity has been our driver of innovation and an element of inspiration. To add to our potent cultural diversity, this year our recruitment team visited six universities and one career fair in two countries to hunt for the best minds in the ASEAN region. Nearly 400 enthusiastic students aspiring to be our future displayed an intense interest in KKE.

Our first stop was in warm and welcoming Indonesia. An unexpected event occurred when the package including the documents for the recruitment event went missing. It was mailed to the hotel; however, it was returned to the local post office for unknown reasons. Despite the odds, the team members pulled off a miracle and solved the problem by preparing alternative documents. Thereafter, the events continued smoothly, and all four universities visited were bubbling with enthusiastic students.

Our Recruitment team at ACF 2017

After intense filtering, a handful of bright and talented students were selected to visit KKE in Tokyo. Not only will they have a chance to tour KKE and have their final interview, they will also get a chance to tour vibrant parts of Tokyo with a full-day bus tour. All this is in the hope that they will sense the best of life and work in Tokyo and picture themselves here in the near future. The trip in its entirety would help them understand KKE’s culture and would allow us to understand their aspirations. We hope that mutual understanding and compatibility will help us welcome them into our KKE family.

Ashwini US
Recruitment Section

Events and News

Featured Event

Dressed in red happi (kimono-like jackets), our staff members were busy introducing our new products, HiramekiWorks and iGRAF, at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017 in L.A.
The venue was filled with design engineers and technical experts who were eager to learn new technologies and kept our booth quite busy. Thank you all for stopping by!

*Powered by topology optimization methodology, HiramekiWorks is a geometry optimization tool embedded in SOLIDWORKS, while iGRAF is a granular and multi-phase flow simulation software adopting the physical models proposed by Associate Professor Mikio Sakai of the University of Tokyo. Both help design engineers easily evaluate their product designs upstream.

Upcoming Events


Report from Tokyo #2: Japanese New Year’s Tradition

I learned about our company, KKE, during the ACF (Asean Career Fair) in Singapore 2016, and now here I am, having the amazing opportunity to work in KKE and being able to learn the language and traditions of Japan, the land of the rising sun, which I’ve been interested in since I was young. Today I’d like to share a Japanese New Year tradition that I experienced at KKE.

Every New Year, Kagami Mochi (a direct translation would be ‘mirror rice cake’) are placed in offices and houses as offerings for deities to bring good luck and prosperity in the New Year. From my research, there’s no exact explanation for why it is called mirror rice cake; some stated that it represents the bronze mirror, a symbol of a god. It consists of two different sizes of white mochi ovals placed one on top of the other, so they look like a cake, and daidai, a kind of tangerine with an attached leaf that is placed on top of them. Daidai means ‘generations’ in Japanese, and it’s to wish for the continuation of generations or family bloodline. Nowadays, Kagami Mochi are placed along with other different decorative things that each have a meaning. One example is Ise Ebi, a lobster decoration that represents longevity or long life.

KKE’s Kagami Mochi

On January 11th, KKE’s En Café was filled with the sweet smell of Oshiruko

After the New Year, on Kagami Biraki day, which is typically January 11th, the mochi will be broken by a hammer or by hand, as cutting with a knife has a negative meaning. After that it will be eaten in several ways, and one of my favorite is Oshiruko, mochi with sweet red bean soup. This interesting New Year tradition is one of many thousands-of-years-old Japanese traditions, and I can’t wait to discover more traditions like this that have been passed down through generations.

Thee Thet Zun @ Violet

Editor's Note

Did you know that KKE has its own official Twitter accounts?
We have tried several ideas to connect with more people, and here is the most recent one.

We designed and ordered some cookies as a small token for those who took part into KKE's overseas recruitment process.

We hope to share the various aspects of KKE not only through our web page and company brochure, but also through our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
If you are interested, please do follow us @KKE_Inc_en, where you can find out what is going on now at KKE in English!

Arisa Horimiya
Corporate Communications Section

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