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To Become a "Professional Design & Engineering Firm"

I found an article in an online publication the other day that appreciates KKE’s new IoT-related business. It referred to KKE as a consulting firm based on technology and not as a software development company. I was very pleased to see this, since this has been my long goal. Although the software development business has been playing an important role in KKE, I believe it is time for us to change from where we used to stand and step into the market as an engineering technology-focused consulting firm.

As a listed company, it is significant that our company stock price increases. What I think more significant, however, is that our solutions and services contribute to form a better society and that our members receive the fair return for the value that they have created.
We hope to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by making a continuous effort to achieve high performance.

Pick-up Events

1. KKE Vision 2016

This year’s "KKE Vision", our annual symposium to explore emerging technologies and innovations, took place on Oct. 26 in Tokyo and on Nov. 29 in Fukuoka, with over 1000 attendees in total. Read the article on KKE Vision Tokyo by The Japan Times.

Welcome speech by KKE executive Tatsuo Yuguchi at KKE Vision Tokyo

One of the inspiring displays/workshops: "Jishin the Vuton",
an earthquake simulator equipped with our VR device


Dressed in red happi (a kimono-like jacket), which were specially prepared for our software launch of “HiramekiWorks”, our staff members were busy introducing the software at SOLIDWORKS WORLD JAPAN on Nov. 9, 2016.
HiramekiWorks is a geometry optimization tool embedded in SOLIDWORKS. Powered by topology optimization methodology, it helps design engineers easily optimize their product designs upstream. HiramekiWorks will also be showcased at SOLIDWORKS WORLD from Feb. 5-8, 2017, in Los Angeles. Come see us!

3. Launching Our New IoT Related Service: RemoteLock

Can you remember if you locked the door before you left your house today? If you had RemoteLock on your door, it wouldn’t bother you at all.

One of the IoT business development teams in KKE is preparing to launch a service in Japan using RemoteLock, the first Wi-Fi keypad lock that allows you to control access to your home from wherever you happen to be, using any web-enabled computer or smartphone. The service is planned to officially start this month.

RemoteLock was developed by LockState, a Colorado-based company that develops and sells cloud-based access control, monitoring and security products. KKE and LockState entered a partnership earlier this year in order to jointly develop IoT applications for the North America, Southeast Asia, and Japanese markets.

To provide a preview of the service to the market, KKE held an IoT Seminar on May 10, 2016, at Keidanren Kaikan, under the theme “Achieving a comfortable environment using IoT.”

The IoT Seminar at Keidanren Kaikan

Nolan Mondrow, CEO of LockState

KKE aims to combine the various technologies related to structures that KKE has accumulated over the years with IoT to enhance the comfort and convenience of buildings. With focus on the residential housing and structure field as a starting point, we will search for the possibilities for designing a new society.

Taking Another Step in Singapore - Symphony Creative Solutions Pte., Ltd.

KKE has agreed to team up with Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) Group and Weathernews Inc. to establish a new company, Symphony Creative Solutions Pte., Ltd. (SCS) in Singapore. The SCS head office is located at Block 71, Singapore, known as a hub for IT venture companies in Asia.

The SCS develops and markets next-generation solutions in the shipping and logistics fields in Asia. Considering the rapid evolution of technology, specifically with the Internet of Things (IoT), and aiming to design further innovative solutions that meet advancing on-site needs in logistics, the companies have agreed to establish SCS.

At SCS, we have people from different professional backgrounds, such as experts in the logistics business, weather forecast information management, and operational data analysis and simulation. With this diversity, we believe that we can propose creative solutions and provide professional support to our customers based on our deep knowledge and experiences.

For instance, we support high-quality transportation for the automobile industry by providing added-value solutions to their stakeholders in finished vehicles logistics by recording and sharing on-site information from trailer drivers and developing a system that allows the stakeholders to manage this information.

In addition, for the route-planning process we provide solutions to improve transport efficiency that maximize the number of loading vehicles on the trailers and optimize delivery routes, taking into consideration distance and delivery dates. We firmly feel that our technologies can be applied in the shipping and logistics industries to solve their problems.

The knowledge and experience that KKE has gained through its activities at SCS will help us develop next-generation IT Solutions in logistics and support our future business activities in Asia.

Hiroyuki Shimoda
Symphony Creative Solutions Pte., Ltd.

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Academic Papers Issued in 2016

  • Radio Propagation Simulation and Measurement Inside a Curved and Sloped Subway Tunnel
  • Radio Propagation Measurement of Subway Tunnel for CBTC Systems
    - Both papers submitted to the International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation 2016
  • Seismic response Analysis of Underground Structure Using Microtremor Array Method
    - 11th International Workshop on Seismic Microzoning and Risk Reduction
  • Dynamic Rupture Simulations of the Median Tectonic Line in Southwest Japan: Rupture Propagations and Macroscopic Source Parameters
    - 2016 AGU Fall Meeting

Editor's Note

KKE opened a new branch office in Fukuoka City this summer.
Fukuoka City is the largest metropolis on Kyushu, a southwestern island in Japan.
Generally, a man from Kyushu island is called a “Kyushu-Danji”.
Kyushu-Danji are known to be macho, tough men, who drink a lot of sake and speak little. In addition, they tend to be bossy husbands at home.
In fact, more than 50% of executives in KKE are Kyushu-Danji. But unfortunately, nobody fits the description above including myself.

Seiji Sawatari

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