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The Beginning of FY 2016

My most important role as president of KKE is to make decisions that create the best conditions possible for all stakeholders. This might be the best thing I can do for my company as chief executive officer. At the end of July, all directors gathered to determine the financial result, including incentive compensation and dividend payments, for fiscal year 2015 (from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016). It’s easy to cut salaries in order to increase profit, but any president can do this. It’s my goal as a manager to improve how we treat our staff, who have dedicated themselves to building a better society.

Aside from our financial performance, in FY 2015, we developed marketing activities at our base in Singapore, sent a staff member as a researcher to Stanford University, and entered into a personnel exchange program with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. These activities might not have yielded fruitful financial results in FY2015, but they are worthwhile, mid- to long-term practices that aid in the personal development of our staff. In FY 2016, a few staff members will be participating in a social corporation program run by Prof. Aihara at the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo. In addition, we began a joint venture in Singapore with NYK Line, a global logistics company renowned for its worldwide maritime transportation, and made an investment in LockState Inc., a Colorado-based company that develops remote access control solutions and IoT platforms for home automation. I’m also excited about the investments that are on the way for two venture capital funds.

We have made thorough preparations for the new fiscal year that began in July. A new department has been established to play a role as a trendsetter in the IoT business, for which great demand is expected in the future. The 25 new staff members who joined KKE in April will finish their training in September and will begin their careers as business professionals. With more new energy, we hope to become an even more vibrant organization.

Opening a New Office in Fukuoka

We are pleased to announce that KKE opened its Fukuoka Branch Office on August 19, 2016.
The Fukuoka Branch Office was established in order to expand marketing activities and
seek new business opportunities in the Kyushu region.
(News Release: KKE Opens a New Office in Fukuoka, Japan)

The new office is located on the 8th Floor of the JRJP Hakata Building.
Access from Fukuoka Airport and Hakata station is very convenient.

Traditional “Kiyoharai-shiki” ceremony to purify the office before its official opening (July 27)

Our connection with Fukuoka dates back to 1991, when KKE actively operated in the region. Located in Fukuoka, an active hub for business with Asian nations, the new office will act as a trendsetter in the IoT business, with great demand expected in the future.

Castles for which KKE conducted the structural design are illustrated on the walls inside our office. The first project took place in 1956 .

On August 19, we held an opening ceremony and a reception to celebrate the new Fukuoka office, attended by more than 150 customers. During the reception, our featured solutions RemoteLOCK, PeopleCounter, and NavVis, which we call “The IoT Brothers,” were exhibited.

Reception at ANA crown plaza

Exhibition of “The IoT Brothers”

At KKE, about one-fifth of the members are from the Kyushu region. We truly look forward to meeting new customers and contributing to the area.

Looking at KKE from Silicon Valley

Since September 2015, KKE has been sponsoring the Silicon Valley New Japan Project (SVNJ) at Stanford University. The SVNJ aims to create a sustained platform for interactions between Silicon Valley and Japan, and has researchers interested in a variety of keywords such as innovation, entrepreneurship and ecosystem. My objective as a researcher sent from KKE is to seek keys for our business development.

One of the keys I am seeking is how to evaluate the open innovation process. It is indispensable for existing companies to obtain the essences that create something novel through the open innovation process.
There is, however, a problem in that the important benefits of the process, other than that of financial returns, cannot be observed instantly or directly. I am trying to discover criteria or checkpoints that will help us KKE members to understand the invisible values, such as human capital and corporate culture, when making investments.

Furthermore, I am doing my best to build good relationships with various people, both on and off the job. It is important to understand the international culture in Silicon Valley based on experience.

Attending the startup conference event at San Francisco

KKE does not have a major business presence in the US so far, but I believe that the knowledge and experience we obtain here will help our future business all over the world.

Takahito Inoshita

Financial Results for FY 2015

KKE reported its financial results on August 24, closing FY 2015 at the end of June.
Income figures grew for the fourth consecutive year, with net income hitting a record high. The Company aims to grow its profit continuously and, together with our stakeholders, to create a bright future society, filled with human wisdom.

Details are available in English here.

Financial review for investors and analysts held on August 24, 2016

Events and News Release

Upcoming Events

Pick-up Events

● Seminar event at Kumamoto University

On June 14, KKE held an event titled “Kumamoto & KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc.” at Kumamoto University.

Students, corporate employees, local media journalists, and the public were invited to the event to consider together Kumamoto’s reconstruction/revival, as well as its future.

● Geminoid F from Osaka visiting KKE Tokyo

At the end of April, KKE welcomed two amazing guests from School / Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University to give a presentation at its office, as shown in the photos.

Assistant Professor Kohei Ogawa from Hiroshi Ishiguro Lab

Geminoid "Ms. Minami-chan"

Many KKE members who were curious about robotics got a chance to talk with her before the presentation.

News Release

Report from Tokyo #1: Disaster Preparedness!

Did you know that September 1st is National Disaster Prevention Day in Japan? With this big day nearing, we at KKE decided to learn something new. We ventured out to Honjo Bosaikan, a Life Safety Learning Center, and had a very educational session on disaster preparedness.

We experienced simulation-based training and learned about precautionary measures to take during earthquakes, fires, typhoons and when there is smoke. The audience were educated on the standard protocols to follow in the wake of a disaster, such as ducking under a table during an earthquake and “Stop, Drop, Roll” if your clothes ever catch on fire. It was heartening to see children actively participating in the drills. The encouragement from their parents also showed the importance of preparing from a young age.

“Stop, Drop and Roll”‐ Fire Safety Protocol

“Drop, Take Cover (under table) and Hold On”– Earthquake Safety Protocol

At KKE, we research predominantly about preventing the devastating effects of disasters. However, we perceive that disaster risk management is complete only with public awareness. Safety starts at home, so why not try out the simple things? Maybe find the fire extinguisher in your apartment, or the emergency exit path at work, or maybe even the nearest Disaster Relief Center. Learn about safety and make others aware of it, too. After all, there is no such thing as being over-prepared!

About Honjo Bosaikan (Life Safety Learning Center)
Address: 4-6-6 Yokokawa, Sumida Ward, Tokyo
Website: www.tfd.metro.tokyo.jp/hp-hjbskan/

Ashwini Uthrapathi Shakila
Derrick Leong

About KKE

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