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Upon the Start of the 58th Fiscal Year

During the early stages of KKE’s foundation, our engineers utilized computers with high processing power, inspired by the US, and regarded engineering knowledge as a source of value. KKE has also precluded discrimination based on gender since the beginning, and in the early 1980s, the company started actively recruiting foreign employees. We engage in business not just to perform assigned jobs, but with the strong belief that our achievements will benefit society.

Beginning this year, KKE is proposing “Innovating for a Wise Future” as a Thought, a future vision we wish to achieve together with society. More specifically, there are seven main fields for the deployment of new technology, such as revitalization of the economy and industry along with designing new businesses, revolutionizing the energy market, and taking initiative in a wireless society.
It has been over 50 years since KKE was founded, yet our position on providing technology and contributions that are beneficial to society has never changed.

The new employees who joined on April 1 this year include the same numbers of males and females, with 6 foreign personnel. The conditions for Kozo Keikaku Engineering’s new developments hereafter have all come into play. We are striving to become a world-class “Professional Design & Engineering Firm”, and we look forward to your continued support in the 58th year.


1. Establishment of KKE SINGAPORE

KKE SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. was established on July 1, 2015, in Singapore as a wholly owned subsidiary of KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc. (Details can be found in the following News Release from July.)
It’s my pleasure to share this announcement and I would like to briefly introduce the company.

This year, Singapore cerebrated its golden jubilee, the 50th anniversary of its independence. To put it another way, Singapore is entering a new beginning. The establishment of KKE SINGAPORE marks a new beginning for us, too. On July 20, we held a ceremony and a reception party with more than 60 guests to celebrate the launching of the company.

Picture of the reception party held in July 20 Directors of KKE SINGAPORE opening the party with the Japanese traditional event, KAGAMIWARI

KKE SINGAPORE is a base for KKE’s marketing research activities, exploring the needs and the future visions of engineering consulting services in the ASEAN region.
KKE has developed its global business for decades mainly through the support of its Japanese customers’ overseas operations by providing software products and services, including products from more than 20 worldwide business partners and academic partners. In recent years, KKE has provided its consulting services more frequently than before in Singapore, where many Japanese companies have overseas offices.

It is presumed that such demands for locating overseas offices in Singapore and other ASEAN counties will further increase. We expect that our new company will provide KKE greater access to the ASEAN market.

This coming September, we plan to have our first exhibition at the Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition 2015. We are excited to meet many participants at this event.

The KKE SINGAPORE office is located in Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 in the central business district. Good access to transportation is one of the major advantages of the location.
If you have a chance to visit Singapore, you are always welcome to drop into our office. Please feel free to contact kkesg_info[@]kke.com.sg if you have any inquiries about the company.

Naoki Kanatani

2. Pursuing high technology skills and developing new business: Investing in the Keihanna ATR Fund

KKE announced its investment in the “Kansai Science City ATR-Venture NVCC Investment Limited Partnership (Keihanna ATR Fund)”, a brand new investment fund just established in February this year.

The Keihanna ATR Fund is run by Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (NVCC), a company with rich experience in operating university venture funds, and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), with the aim of creating new industries based on ATR’s leading research.
KKE aims to pursue high-quality solutions and develop new businesses by combining the technologies they hold, as well as through technology exchanges in fields such as neuro-knowledge science and life-support robots.

This is not the first time that ATR and KKE have worked together. Since 2004, six KKE members have worked with ATR on collaborative research in the wireless communication field. “We’ve been playing an important role in the ICT’s R&D field and have produced many R&D outcomes since its establishment in 1986. KKE has contributed to ATR as a partner to achieve those accomplishments. We look forward to working with KKE continually on this challenging opportunity.” said Toshikazu Sakano, Ph.D., Director of the Business Development Office.

Mr. Wataru Sato, Venture Capitalist in Investment Department at NVCC, expressed his expectations for KKE, saying: “Through our experience, we believe an insight obtained from studying market needs is crucial in order to succeed in incubating a new business. Leveraging its industrial marketing point of view, we would like KKE to participate actively in the processes from discovering ideas to developing new businesses.”

Details can be found in
KKE Invests in Kansai Science City ATR-Venture NVCC Investment Limited Partnership

3. Professional in Analysis and Simulation Consulting for Civil Engineering

KKE has great expertise in handling analysis consulting services for the structure and behavior of various ground conditions using simulation software.
We tackle issues with difficult ground conditions or complex environments and seek optimum solutions in achieving more secure and safe urban development.

Seismic-response controlled structure Tsunami simulation

The projects we conduct vary from analyses of the seismic performance of buildings, dams and bridges, to the evaluation of wind environments and the analyses of tsunami and river floods.
We have also expanded our extensive analysis consulting experiences into developing software products, such as those for structural analyses, dynamic soil-structure interaction analyses, and tsunami simulations.

If you are interested, you can find more information in English here at our renovated web page.

Announcement of Financial Results for FY2015

Closing its FY2015 on June 30, 2015, KKE reported its financial results on August 20.
The report shows the results, explains the factors behind those results, and refers to its vision for FY2016.
The English version report is available at the link below.

FYE June 2015, Financial Results


The Featured Event

KKE exhibited wireless communication technologies beneficial to drone utilization at the International Drone Expo 2015, May 20-22, and captured the attention of many visitors.

<Showcased Technologies>

  • Research outcome on the wireless network best suited for drones using software radio
  • A data transfer system “Drone-brigade”, which enable users to send and receive data to/from drones
  • 3D location estimation and data management solution with drones for structural health monitoring [PATPEND]

Upcoming Events

News Release

Editor’s Note

My mother-in-law owns a small store and sells cosmetics, and she’s wonderful at her job. I always thought that there was no interaction between her store and my work, but I was wrong. One of our simulation tools did help a cosmetic manufacturer improve its production. Being a good saleswoman, she might have noticed the difference in the product. How would you like to see improvements like that using a simulation? Here it is:“The Power of Particleworks, a CFD software based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method” by SHISEIDO Co., Ltd.

Eiko Kawamura, Tokyo