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From Singapore

KKE opened a new branch office in Singapore early this year. The branch office manager, who was chosen from among 13 candidates, will begin operations from an empty 6.6 m² room with a heart full of enthusiasm.

In 1970, then-KKE colleagues opened the first overseas office. They located their office in San Francisco, California, in the USA, in order to sell their structural calculation software for seismic risk reduction. It has been 45 years since then, and we finally have a branch office in Southeast Asia. We would like to know how far our engineering technology will take us in the ASEAN region.

In mid-February, I traveled to Singapore. I had two main goals: One was to host a reception party at which we expressed our appreciation to outside professionals who contributed to setting up our office, while the other was to attend the recruitment event “ASEAN CAREER FAIR with JAPAN 2015”.

This was the second time that KKE had participated in this event. We met many bright and highly motivated students and I really enjoyed the conversations I had with them. After interviewing dozens of students, we have decided to invite 10 candidates to Tokyo for the final round of interviews. Prior to the interviews, they will have time for a little sightseeing and for interacting with young KKE staff members.

Interaction among diverse individuals from various countries will allow both the students and KKE to open a new gate toward progress. I believe that these activities will bear fruit in the next decade, and dream that our designs and engineering will contribute to advancements around the world.

New Technology: BeaconCast

What is BeaconCast?

BeaconCast (BC) is a new technology that broadcasts local information to a user’s mobile app wirelessly (one-to-many broadcasting).
Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), users can receive information as soon as they enter a Beacon area (a radius of 50m around the sender).
BC technology has been under development at Tokyo University (Akihiro Nakao Laboratory) since 2013. KKE engineers have participated in the project from the beginning as research collaborators.

What is BC Used for?

BC can be used for Online to Offline (O2O) marketing, broadcasting emergency information and slide-sharing systems for presentations, etc. The content that users receive on their smartphone app is customizable.

Tokyo University and their partner companies have been conducting trial projects, such as providing sightseeing information in airport limousine bus and advertisements in a retail store.

Now, KKE has started marketing and business design based on the results of these projects from last year.

Demonstration at KKE's private event held in October 2014

Difference between BC and iBeacon

BC is similar to the famous iBeacon, a new technology for indoor location services embedded in Apple’s iOS. The similarities and differences between BC and iBeacon are as follows:


  • Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Using delivered signals as a trigger, apps can provide a variety of user experiences through Internet access.


  • BC can deliver more data than iBeacon without Internet access.
    (On the transmitter side, BC divides data into chunks and sends them with multiple beacon frames. The BC receiver (BC app) can restore the original data contained in several chunks.)
  • BC can be used via BLE and Wi-Fi.

Future of BC

While abundant information flows in our daily life, we believe BC can distribute information by responding to the users’ situations, which will satisfy their demand. We are exploring the possibility of using BC in a variety of markets and fields. If you have an interest in BC, please contact us and feel free to inquire at i-maketing@kke.co.jp.

Business Development Dept., Keiichi Yashiro

Production simulation software "FACTOR/AIM" is now in English.

"FACTOR/AIM" is simulation software that focuses on designing production line and logistics and is used by experts in production site management. More than 300 companies have introduced the software up to now. We released an English version of "FACTOR/AIM" in January 2015.

KKE has provided FACTOR/AIM to Japanese manufacturing companies for over 20 years, and it was their strong request to use this software to Kaizen (improvement) each factory overseas, especially in Asia. The newly launched English version will help accelerate improvements worldwide.

According to Japanese government statistics, the number of overseas factories built by Japanese companies will continue to increase over the next 3 years. We plan to support these companies now and in the future.

CSRP Solution Business Dept., Keiko Tomomatsu

Event Report

The 15th Multi Agent Simulation (MAS) Conference & Competition (March 5-6, 2015)

KKE hosted the 15th MAS competition in Nakano, Tokyo. This year, we held a conference on the industrial application of MAS and invited two university professors to give a presentation.

Presentation at the conference on March 5. Group photo of participants in the MAS competition.

BOSAI (disaster prevention) Industry Fair in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, March 14-17, 2015

An exhibition was held in tandem with The 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.

KKE exhibited its solutions related to natural disaster prevention and preparation, such as 3D a seismic isolation system, tsunami and flood analysis, evacuation simulations and s damage estimation system.

Attending a forum hosted by the Japan Association of Corporate Executives Exhibition booth ready for opening day.

Editor’s Note

I had my first taste of the Lunar New Year during the recruitment fair in February in Singapore: Sweet rice cakes piled up in stores, orange trees placed in hotels, and most items displayed in bright red. The most memorable experience was eating Yusheng, a raw fish salad that was created and popularized in Singapore. To celebrate good luck for the New Year, people toss the salad with chopsticks while speaking their wishes aloud. It is always exciting to experience something new, just like our 2nd recruitment challenge in the ASEAN region.

Overseas Marketing Dept., Mai Takashima