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The Spirit of Challenge

I came back to Japan on December 19th 2013, which was my 132nd business trip in overseas. Including this trip, it means that I have spent 7.5% of my life abroad.

Since I joined KKE in 1987, I have actively engaged in accelerating KKE’s oversea development, thanks to the great support from people within and outside the company.
It was April 1988, when I went to business trip to oversea; Sun Valley, Idaho. Although Idaho was (and still is) famous for its luxurious resort, we headed straight to Sawtooth Software. We negotiated to obtain the Japanese distribution right for its conjoint analysis software “ACA” and successfully came to an agreement. Through the business operation, we established close relationship with domestic marketing engineers, (ACA users), which broadened KKE’s network to overseas.
On June 1991, I went to a 2weeks-long business trip to the United State with a marketing engineer on the ACA users, and visited Denver for the first time. This very visit led KKE to its association with Denver, starting a risk analysis Crystal Ball business and to open our office in Denver in 2011.

Speaking of visiting various places, when you travel at oversea, you cannot go without something unexpected. I find it as an opportunity to realize how I take my safe and secure life in Japan for granted and think about where I stand. Writing this article at a hotel in Munich, Germany, the power went down at midnight in my room and I had to wait until next morning to ask the reception to fix it. It was really cold even in the room.

On December 2013, KKE started a new business with SendGrid, one of the best rapid growing companies in Denver, Colorado. We have just held our start-up seminar at Roppongi Hills on December 10. Seeing the magnetic personality and potentials of the members at SendGrid, I find that having responsibilities and experiencing the new is one of the essences to become a good/excellent engineer.

I believe it is now my turn to encourage and support those new/young KKE staffs that are willing to challenge towards the world. We appreciate our good partners in oversea, and hope the New Year 2014 turns into a successful one.

Consultation for Tsunami Evacuation Plan

“The great tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake caused huge damage especially in Tohoku coastal area. A lesson learned is the necessity of disaster risk reduction plan and countermeasure, which consists of hardware and software measure in order to minimize damage caused by natural disaster. …Kamakura city aimed to design a plan that focus on software measure but also contains hardware measure such as constructing a tsunami evacuation tower.”

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Help designing tsunami evacuation for Kamakura City

Tsunami evacuation simulation

Draw the Future with Traffic Simulation

“One of the lessons KKE reaffirmed from the tragic Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011 is the importance of preparing disaster prevention planning that includes evacuation routes in advance. …Today, the demand for this consulting service has increased and even the national government has asked each local government to establish an evacuation system.”

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Draw the future with traffic simulation
(Publicity on The Japan Times, Oct 14, 2013)

KKE is a Japanese distributor of traffic simulation software suite ”PTV Vision” developed by PTV Group, Germany

A macro view traffic simulation with PTV Visum software

Our New Partnership with SendGrid

KKE has recently formed a business partnership with SendGrid (Colorado, Denver) and is providing its cloud-based email infrastructure service “SendGrid” to the Japanese market since December 2013.
To mark the launch of the Japanese service, we held a start-up seminar on December 10th, 2013 at Roppongi Hills Mori Tower; which is famous for many well-known IT companies’ setting their office.
The seminar started with the opening speech from Mr. Gregory Taevs for the Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, which was our sponsor for the seminar.
After the opening, CEO Mr. Jim Franklin from SendGrid gave an introduction of its service and the latest technical start-up movement in Colorado, and Kansuke Nakai from KKE spoke the significance and merits that will be provided to the Japanese market by its collaboration between SendGrid and KKE. Speakers from salesforce.com and Microsoft also participated as our guest speakers.
With more than 150 participants, the seminar ended in success. We have just started but our team is excited and determined to expand our business in Japan!

Hiroko Tsukamoto from SendGrid team

Opening of New KKE Office “Nakano Innovation Office”

We are pleased to announce the official opening of a new office in Nakano ward, Tokyo Japan, on December 2013.
With its new office called “Nakano Innovation Office”, KKE is to form its start-up businesses, and also support the development of the existing community based businesses through its engineering technologies.

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A new office in Nakano ward, Tokyo

Located on the 2nd floor of Nakano Central Park South


Editor's Note

“Lunchtime refugee” is the word to describe our situation for those who moved into KKE’s new satellite office. It is located in a redevelopment area near the center of Nakano district and is well known as a subcultural town, which is the hottest place in Tokyo. But as a result of the influx of various companies and universities against seating capacity of restaurants, many people have to stray around the area or stand waiting in long line to have a lunch every day. The situation is improving slightly and so, we hope to see you in our brand-new office in the near future.

Seiji Sawatari

About KKE

Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Shota Hattori, “KKE” for short) is a professional design & engineering firm established in 1959. Starting its business as a structural firm, KKE has developed the line of business in structural design and analysis, engineering consulting and system development for construction, tele-com, and manufacturing industries. The business pillars also include simulation and analysis of human decision making, quantitative measurement of human/commodity flow, and disaster readiness services including quake-resistant engineering, risk assessment, analyses on facility damage and business continuity, etc. Details: www.kke.co.jp/en/

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