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FY2013 started, new and fresh

In Tokyo, every day in August is constantly very hot and the temperature is over 100 degree F with extremely high humidity.

Before this blazing summer came, our FY2012 (July 2012 to June 2013) ended in better figures than the previous three years (FY2009-FY2011) and now we stand on the starting point of FY2013 new and fresh. If you are interested in our performance, please check our financial statement and the presentation I made on August 16 at Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Japanese government under Prime Minister Abe announced “three arrows” to revitalize the Japanese economy. These are the monetary policy, the fiscal policy and the growth strategy. It looks like his third arrow is still unclear for Japanese businesspersons. We, KKE, however, would like to be the front-runner in the field of engineering consulting to accelerate the growth strategy by encouraging Japanese firms provide their value through products and services domestically and globally.

Thanks to good partners in oversea as well as in academic worlds, KKE can provide quality services that improve both productivity and product value of our customers.

I believe it’s the key to success to think deeper and act quicker as we value up our engineering services with our overseas partners.

New Way of Recommendation; Visual Navi Recommend

Visual Navi Recommend system is a web-based interface which visualizes your potential interests upon your browsing history, and is under patent-pending. The recommend logic of Visual Navi Recommend was developed by KKE using its data-analysis method, and the user interface was developed by Petabit Corporation. By combining these, Visual Navi Recommend enables re-enactment of the real-life situation; users meeting item by chance and purchasing it, on the web site. Moreover, the dynamic and innovative user interface entertains visitors.

The movie below will give you the idea how Visual Navi Recommend works.

Details ⇒ http://www.kke.co.jp/visualnavi/ (Japanese only)


KKE Website Renewed!

Having its Japanese website renewed last year, we are happy to announce that the English and Chinese site have been also reopened with a new look.

Watch carefully the new face of our website, which was drawn by Akira Yamaguchi, a well-recognized Japanese artist, and you'll find oxcarts and bathing cars on highway, six-bladed wind turbines, and other imaginary items in it. With the power of engineering, such scene might become a reality in a couple of decades?!?

Melancholy of Newly-Hired

As our CEO Hattori mentioned in KKE Newsletter Vol.2, it’s traditional in Japan to hire newly-grads all at once in the spring. I’m one of them and started my career as a company spokeswoman from April of this year.
However, I had a problem as a spokeswoman. Our corporate philosophy, “Professional Design & Engineering Firm”, is too ambiguous a message to explain to others, especially “design” is not a word which has a concrete meaning, and I couldn’t find an appropriate meaning of “design” embedded in our corporate philosophy.
Last week, I went to a lecture at Roppongi, Tokyo, “what is design?” by Dr. John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design. In this lecture, Dr. Maeda said, “To design is to decide, designers are the people who make decisions”, and this word gave me the idea of our corporate philosophy.
Nowadays, decision making is a difficult work because we have too many choices and factors to consider thanks to the information-intensive society. KKE is here to contribute to form a better social system by offering our customers the solutions to make the right decision through leveraging our knowledge of engineering (of course tireless efforts after a decision are also necessary for making the decision a right one). That’s the description of our corporate philosophy I found so far; as a meaning of words changes with the times, the meaning of our corporate philosophy will also change with it. Pursuing the meaning of corporate philosophy might be a part of jobs as a spokeswoman.

By Mikiko Matsumoto

Newly-Opened Private Cafe "En"

Where would you go when you need a cup of coffee during work? Since May this year, KKE has a private cafe “en” which offers tea and coffee during the day and alcohol in the evening.
“En” cafe is so named because “en” has various meanings in Japanese, such as connections (縁), circle (円), party (宴). It is our hope that this place encourages not only our members to create connections beyond departments but also for visitors to create social connections beyond companies, and come up with valuable ideas.
If you have a chance to visit our office, please drop by En cafe, too.


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Editor's Note

Having helped the rebirth of KKE website last year, I am going to give birth to a new soul this year. The first baby, i.e. KKE website, has already quite grown up, putting on more contents and (user-)friendliness. The second, due on Sep 27, is still in my tummy preparing for the day to be born. It’s always nice and exciting to engage in something new, feels like watching a flower blooming.

By Eiko Kawamura

About KKE

Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Shota Hattori, “KKE” for short) is a professional design & engineering firm established in 1959. Starting its business as a structural firm, KKE has developed the line of business in structural design and analysis, engineering consulting and system development for construction, tele-com, and manufacturing industries. The business pillars also include simulation and analysis of human decision making, quantitative measurement of human/commodity flow, and disaster readiness services including quake-resistant engineering, risk assessment, analyses on facility damage and business continuity, etc. Details: www.kke.co.jp/en/

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