Fresh recruits on-board

We welcome our 22 new graduates from colleges and graduate schools, who joined KKE on April 1, 2013. This may sound strange to those who work in abroad, but we are proud to keep this conventional style typically seen in Japan (and also in Korea) to hire newly-grads all at once in spring.

In order to be qualified as one of the best firms in practice, KKE needs to have skillful engineers at hand and excellent partners all around the world. Since KKE is non-“keiretsu” firm in Japan, we are very flexible to provide useful solutions for customers with overseas partners.

This issue describes our recent activities, especially ones related to disaster preparedness solutions. Please feel free to contact us including me, shatto[@], for any questions or comments.

Consultations for Evacuation Planning

Yasuhiro Kitakami,
Chief of the Innovative Information Technology Dept.

One lesson learned from the tragic Great East Japan Earthquake disaster on March 11, 2011, is that hardware alone does not suffice to save the lives of so many people in affected areas.

Technically, higher breakwaters and higher seawalls could be built, using taxpayers’ money, if available. But almost nobody had anticipated a tsunami measuring as high as 20 meters would strike. The height of conventional seawalls at the quake-hit areas was 6 to 7 meters at best.

KKE starts consultation planning
(Publicity on The Japan Times, Oct. 12, 2012)

Tsunami Evacuation Simulation

What KKE offers for your BCP

Unless you know what kind of risk you have, you cannot really prepare for it. We provide disaster risk assessment consulting services to assess the vulnerability of buildings and other structures under natural disasters, so that you can capture potential countermeasures and undertake the best-suited one(s).
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China -5 years ago, 33 years ago-

The elevated schoolyard after 2008 Wenchuan Photo taken by Xianqun Guo (This picture was used as the cover page of Geophysical Research Letters, Vol36, No.11)

It was the morning of April 20th, when I was just about to start writing an article for this newsletter, that the massive earthquake hit Sichuan, China. On-the-spot reporting on TV and live-videos online brought back the memories of five years ago, when I visited to the same area, right after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

The visit was made for the purpose of engineering survey on the epicenter, organized by NIED (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention of Japan) and KKE. Being in Shanghai, I took the advantage of the location and gathered the first-line information from design offices in the quake-hit area, which enabled us to plan the most efficient research plan.

Our visit, after all, had a lot to contribute to ascertain the mechanism of the seismic source and faults around it. The picture above illustrates one of such examples. By using the information we received from the firms in the region, we headed towards mountainous remote area, and thus found the slip on the fault as shown in the picture.

The founder Dr. Hattori (second from the right) et al. at China Academy of Building Research, 1980

I recall the trip with a sense of bitterness and pride. Demolished houses, landscapes, and people going though hard times were difficult to take in. On the other hand, being able to explore the field with other experts was an incomparable experience for me.

Likewise, KKE Shanghai Representative Office has been and will facilitate our partners’ operation in China.

The first footstep of KKE in China can be traced in way back, as much as 33 years. It was when Dr. Makoto Hattori, the founder of our company, was invited by China Academy of Building Research to give a speech in 1980, where he talked about “Computer and stress analysis”.

From the first disembarkation till now, we have accomplished our work in many structures such as hotels, residences, office buildings in various cities including Beijing, Dalian, and Shanghai. The highest building in China, SWFC (Shanghai World Financial Center) at 492m high, is one of them. As we locate our office in SWFC, we aim to provide the highest-quality services with the warmest hospitality. Please drop by when you’re in the town, so that I can offer you a cup of splendid Chinese tea along with the latest Chinese trend.

By Xianqun Guo

SWFC, one of KKE’s accomplishments in China

Dr. Xianqun Guo in “getaway” show on International Channel Shanghai, presenting the tune mass damper installed in SWFC


Event of the month

Tsunami Evacuation Symposium
~For the better use of simulation to plan tsunami countermeasures~

Must-see for anyone urged to plan tsunami countermeasures. Hosted by KKE, presentations and a panel discussion will be given by distinguished scholars and experts regarding how the government and municipals can devise countermeasures against tsunami, considering lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
   Date: May 31, 2013
   Venue: Ito International Research Center, the University of Tokyo
   Details: Tsunami Evacuation Symposium

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Editor's note

Like every baseball team has its mascot, there are mascots for each prefecture in Japan.  One of the most popular mascots is "Kumamon", a bear mascot for Kumamoto prefecture. To celebrate our 30th anniversary of Kumamoto office, we made our company sticker collaborating with Kumamon! What would you make to celebrate your company anniversaries?

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