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January 31, 2013



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Dear my partners overseas,


What is your New Year's resolution and how is it going so far? As we started a new year, we decided to try something new. This newsletter is one of such attempts, and I truly hope this could help us communicate with you.

Established as a formal corporation on May 6th, 1959, KKE has more than half a century of business history. In 1961, KKE first introduced the scientific small computer, IBM 1620-200, in Japan, when it was just a dawn of computer era with its novelty and enormous price. After opening our San Francisco Office in 1969 in order to sell our earthquake analysis software in California, we jointly set up International Logic Corporation with US partners in 1971.

Then, we co-founded a mini-computer company, Nippoon Data General, in 1973, to start the mini-computer business in Japan. However, after the sudden passing of the founder, Dr. Makoto Hattori, on January 29, 1983, KKE gradually shifted its focus to software development and thus, here we are. I often envy our predecessors who have gone through this decade full of pioneers and entrepreneurship.

Since then, we have introduced various advanced science and engineering software applications such as early-stage Autodesk products. In the 21th century, just programming codes cannot produce high values competitive to China and India, where development power is based on cheaper labor cost. KKE now focuses more on engineering consulting services using world standard software.

Nowadays, KKE has more than 20 overseas partners in 10 countries who have most advanced software technologies in the world. This newsletter will tell you about our activities for our overseas partners to have deeper business relations for our future.


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  kke_icon  A strengthened Alliance with Prometech Software,Inc.

Kozo Keikaku Engineering, Inc announced an agreement with Prometech Software, Inc. to acquire 36.7% of Prometech’s venture capital on Oct 29, 2012.

Prometech is an entrepreneurial venture company originating from The University of Tokyo, and provides CAE solutions based on the cutting-edge fluid flow simulation method called “Moving Particle Simulation”. KKE strongly believes that supporting a venture company in a mid-to-long term perspective allows its management concept to be reinforced, and enables KKE to deliver innovative and valuable technologies to the society.

Find out more>>dot"Capital Investment and Alliance with Prometech"

  kke_icon  Benefits and Merits Brought by “Particleworks”

“Particleworks” is a CAE software empowered by Moving Particle Simulation method and it enables fluid flow simulation with solid/fluid particles, such as free-surface flow, sloshing, and other phenomena without generating mesh.

Here are some application examples

  • Oil Gear Behavior
  • Car wash/splash
  • Free-surface Flow
  • Tank sloshing
  • Tsunami run-up
  • Solid-fluid flow and more...
Car splash/slip
Tank slosh
Tsunami simulation
  Watch more movies on Youtube>>
  kke_icon  Why Denver?

Hello, I am Kazuaki Hemmi, working in KKE Denver office. It has been almost one year since I moved here as the only KKE employee who lives in the United States.

Why Denver? Why Colorado? I am often asked these questions. As most of our line of business is based on software technologies, and as Japanese software companies tend to have their office on the West Coast, especially around San Francisco where we also had one till ten years ago, I can understand that.

One big reason why we opened the office in Denver is a human network we have over 20 years. In 1992, we started distribution business of Monte-Carlo Simulation software "Crystal Ball", which was developed by a Colorado-based company, Decisioneering Inc. The company was very small at that time, but after continual growth, they were acquired five years ago and are now one of the business units in Oracle. During this two decades, we kept and still have a good relationship with them not only as business partners but also as friends, and, fortunately, several other business partnerships were formed, thanks to these connections.
By opening our office here and expanding the existing network, we hope to find further business opportunities that are unique to KKE.

On the other hand, I believe there are also tremendous business opportunities for KKE spreading nationwide. We would greatly appreciate any idea from you about things we should see, people we should meet, or places we should go to.

And of course, please drop by when you are in Colorado. I assure you'll enjoy Rocky Mountain as well as Colorado beers.

City hall with holiday illuminations, Denver
"City hall with holiday illuminations, Denver"
  kke_icon  Events
dot"Tokyo Business & Investment Seminar 2013" <sponsorship>
 Jan 31, 2013 Munchen
dotMAS competition 2013 <User Conference for Multi-Agent Simulation>
 Mar 1, 2013 Tokyo
dotRetail Tech Japan <Exibition>
 Mar 5-8, 2013 Tokyo
dotKKE Vision Osaka <Corporate Event>
 Mar 8, 2013 Osaka
kke_icon  About KKE

kke_newanexKozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Shota Hattori, “KKE” for short) is a professional design & engineering firm established in 1959. Starting its business as a structural firm, KKE has developed the line of business in structural design and analysis, engineering consulting and system developmentfor construction, tele-com, and manufacturing industries. The business pillars also include simulation and analysis of human decision making, quantitative measurement of human/commodity flow, and disaster readiness services including quake-resistant engineering, risk assessment, analyses on facility damage and business continuity, etc. Details: www.kke.co.jp/en/

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