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Dynamic Interaction of Ground and Structure
  • Integrated Analysis System for Two-dimensional Finite Element Method
    FRONT for Windows
  • Two-dimensional Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis
    SuperFLUSH/2D for Windows
  • Three-dimensional Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis by the Substructure Method
  • Two-dimensional Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis by Effective Stress Method


Super FLUSH/3D is a program for three-dimensional dynamic interaction analysis using the substructure method.


When analyzing dynamic soil-structure interaction, it is necessary to take into account the semi-infiniteness and nonlinearity of the ground.

SuperFLUSH/2D, which features special functions for boundary analysis and equivalent linear analysis of the ground, is widely used for its analysis code that handles dynamic soil-structure interaction.


  • Combining the advantages of both the contact body and contact surface solutions, the substructure method (mixed solution) reduces the degrees of freedom to be handled and the required computing time.
  • The "thin layer element method" is used to account for the infiniteness of the ground.
  • Performs complex response analysis in the frequency domain using complex stiffness.
  • Has analysis functions that can greatly reduce the time required to compute the impedance for a circular or rectangular foundation.

Overview of features

  • Structures: 3-dimensional FEM models. Solid, beam, spring elements and more.
  • Outputs the transfer function, response acceleration, stress, strain, etc.
  • Various restart calculation functions
  • 1/2and1/4model analyses
  • Ground: stratified ground (thin-layer element method)
  • Free soil analysis---equivalent linear analysis according to the calculated pullback of input ground motion and the strain-dependence of the soil

Application areas

  • Analysis of dynamic soil-pile-building interactions
  • Simulation of vibration tests
  • Seismic response analysis for underground structures
  • Vibration problems in other civil engineering and construction domains

SuperFLUSH/3D was developed jointly by Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. and Jishin Kogaku Kenkyusho, Inc.

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