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High Quality Software

Following is a listing of software products offered by the KKE’s Analysis Department.

KKE has continuously fed back its extensive analysis consulting experiences into our software products. This is why we can develop and sell high quality software products.

Structure Analysis
  • Building Structure Analysis Program
  • Commprehensive Program for Structure Analysis
  • Commprehensive Finite Element System for Structure, CFD, EM,FSI,TMC,Multiphysics
  • Three-dimensional Arbitrarily-shape Frame Structure Analysis Software
  • Structure Analysis System for Buildings
    midas FEA
  • Dynamic Analysis program for Railway Structures
  • Response Displacement Method Program for Piles
  • Vibration Analysis of Running Rolling-Stock and Structure
Seismic Wave Evaluation
Seismic Risk Evaluation
  • Seismic Risk Evaluation Software
  • Seismic Hazard Evaluation Software
Disaster Countermeasures
  • Seismic Damage Estimation Software
  • Near-real-time Seismic Damage Simulator
    Disaster Reduction Information Navi

Dynamic Interaction of Ground and Structure
  • Integrated Analysis System for Two-dimensional Finite Element Method FRONT for Windows
    FRONT for Windows
  • Two-dimensional Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis
    SuperFLUSH/2D for Windows
  • Three-dimensional Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis by the Substructure Method
  • Two-dimensional Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis by Effective Stress Method
Heat and Fluid Analysis

Full Customer Support

KKE provides full customer support. Software-related technical questions will be answered by our analysis specialists who regularly use the software in the actual consulting works.

Customization Based on the Strength of In-house Development

Most of the software listed above is our own in-house developed product. Therefore, in some cases we can customize them according to the requests from the customer. If interested in this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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