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Dynamic Interaction of Ground and Structure
  • Integrated Analysis System for Two-dimensional Finite Element Method
    FRONT for Windows
  • Two-dimensional Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis
    SuperFLUSH/2D for Windows
  • Three-dimensional Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis by the Substructure Method
  • Two-dimensional Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis by Effective Stress Method

FRONT for Windows integrated two-dimensional finite-element analysis system

FRONT for Windows is an integrated analysis system for predicting a variety of ground-related changes.


  • Easily creates, analyzes and visualizes the results of two-dimensional finite-element models on Windows.
  • Can be customized by combining only programs with the functions you need.
  • Performs static and dynamic analysis using the finite-element method.
  • Examples:
  • Ground stability problems that take into account construction processes such as excavation and fill
  • Seismic response analysis that takes into account soil-structure interactions
  • Impact assessment and analysis of vibrations generated by sources such as traffic and machinery

Configuration programs

F-Mesh for Windows program for creating finite-element models

F-Mesh for Windows screenshot

Creates two-dimensional finite-element models.
Imports geometry from DXF-format CAD data.

EXAP for Windows static analysis program that takes into account

soil excavation and fill

Performs stress deformation analysis taking into account weight and static load.Analyzes the behavior of the surrounding soil due to excavation work on building foundations, underground structures, and tunnels.

SuperFLUSH/2D for Windows dynamic analysis program

for soil-structure interaction*

SuperFLUSH/2D for Windows screenshot

Performs dynamic analysis in the frequency domain.
Takes into account the nonlinearity of the ground using the equivalent linearization method.
Suitable for evaluating the dynamic behavior of soil-structure interactions in pile foundation buildings, underground structures, dams, and similar structures.
Able to handle response analysis for machine- and traffic-induced vibrations, in addition to seismic response and stability analysis.

POST-S for Windows program for calculating the slip safety factor

and amount of slip deformation

Performs stability analysis of sloping surfaces. Also supports calculation of residual deformation using the method of Watanabe and Baba (optional feature).

POST-P for Windows program for visualizing analysis results

POST-P for Windows screenshot

Creates deformation diagrams, principal stress diagrams, and section force diagrams.
Enables video playback and display of contour maps of response values.

* SuperFLUSH/2D for Windows was developed jointly by Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. and Jishin Kogaku Kenkyusho, Inc.

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