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Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

Deformation of Structures at the time of an Earthquke

KKE provide various analysis consulting services in the building and civil engineering field. We analyze vibration problem of a structure, various ground problems, and soil-structure dynamic interaction. For instance, utilizing our extensive experience and unique knowhow that we accumulated over the years, we evaluate the safety of the important structures such as a high-rise building or nuclear power plant at the time of an earthquake occurrence. Using a probabilistic method, we evaluate the reliability of a structure. Also, we have developed various unique analysis programs in order to satisfy our customers' requests. For various structures and distinct problems listed below, KKE offers optimum analysis methods and models.

Work Examples

Underground Structures

  • Simplified Examination of Piles using the Response Displacement Method
  • Examination of Effect of Group of Piles by the Three-dimensional Model

Offshore Structures

  • Examination by the Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis, Response Displacement Method, and Seismic Response Coefficient Method

Tank Structures

  • Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Tank-Soil-Piling
  • Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Tank-Fluid

Dams(Arch Dam, Rock-fill Dam, etc.)

  • Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Dams-Soil
  • Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Dams-Water

Revetment Structures

  • Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Structures-Soil (Consider Liquefaction)
  • Evaluation of Reliability with a Probabilistic Method
  • Evaluation of Seismic Safety using the Uncertainty Factor as a Parameter to considered the Dispersion
  • Monte Carlo Simulation Method(MCS)
  • Latin Hypercube Sampling Method(LHS)

Examination of Liquefaction

  • Dynamic Analysis by the Effective Stress Analysis Method that considers the Increase of Excess Pore Water Pressure
  • Liquefaction Analysis by a Simplified Method based on the Accumulated Damage Theory

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