Engineering consulting
Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.

Established in 1959, Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (KKE) has rich experiences in analysis, simulation and other engineering services. This portal site features a variety of solutions for various problems from civil engineering to environmental consulting.


2015/07/17 PRODUCTS pages are now in English!
"RESP-D" a structural calculation program and
"SuperFLUSH 2D / 3D" a program for analyzing dynamic soil-structure
interaction is now avaiable!
2015/07/17 SERVICE pages are now in English!
Seismic Performance Analysis of Building Structure,
Seismic Performance Analysis of Dams and
Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction.
2013/09/18 English WEB site open for engineering consulting services.

Large scale seismic wave propagation analysis

Seismic-response controlled structure

Tsunami simulation

Seismic behavior of furniture

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